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Old World Art Glass



Q:  How much does it cost to have a panel made?

A:  A very difficult question to answer, it is similar to asking “how much does a car cost?” There are many, many variables. Size is not a major factor in cost. The actual cost of the glass used is usually only a small portion of the overall panel cost. Cost is determined by the complexity and/or the number of pieces in the panel. The more pieces the more labor, in turn the higher the price. As always price quotes are free!


Q:  Does stained glass fade in the sun?

A:  No, color is in the glass not applied to the glass. When stained glass is made minerals and metals are added to the molten mixture to create colors. The colors are everlasting they will never fade or change colors.


Q:  Is working with lead safe?

A:  Most often lead is absorbed through carelessness. Lead is seldom airborne, so most exposure comes from lead being transferred from the hands to the mouth, nose, or even eyes by touching or rubbing. You should never eat or smoke when working with lead came or soldering. The smoke you see when soldering comes from the flux not the solder. The soldering process does not get the lead to a high enough temperature to vaporize the it. Remember, always wash your hands thoroughly anytime you work with solder or lead came.

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